Product Design Manager

What is this digital garden about?

Stealing from Bradwood's digital garden, my website serves as my personal digital garden.

A digital garden is a living collection of raw ideas and thoughts in development, evolving and refining over time. This contrasts with a traditional blog, which tends to emphasize more polished and finalized writing.

What's your story?

For several years, my interests and time have been divided among various pursuits. Initially, I aspired to be an entrepreneur and indie hacker, which led me to learn full-stack development. While I became skilled in coding, I haven't yet been able to transform this skill into a product that solves a real-world problem and attracts active users.

So, I began learning about entrepreneurship and realized that while I had focused heavily on developing my building skills, I had overlooked crucial aspects like selling and lead generation.

“Learn to sell, learn to build, if you can do both, you will be unstoppable.” - Naval

During my new venture into building an audience and eventually selling, I discovered writing. My epiphany was that the internet is already saturated with tools, but it lacked sufficient guidance on using these tools effectively to solve problems. Writing emerged as the bridge connecting the two.

I soon became increasingly fascinated with the storytelling aspect of writing, though I still dislike the editing process. This is what led to the creation of my digital garden.

I currently live in Berlin. Design manager @Deliveryhero